Dear John

Over the Christmas holidays, I read another ‘light’ read from Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook, Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember) the romance novelist who churns out these romantic stories, like Stephen King turns out best-sellers by the arm full. Sparks’ novels are not difficult reads, but page after page is full of twists and turns about two people trying to get their love story either off the ground or simply get together once and for all.  Sparks’ novels  don’t always have a happy ending but he is a true hopeless romantic. Quite a few of his stories have been turned into films. Dear John, case in point;

John Tyree is an angry rebel who enlists in the Army right after high school and sometime later meets and falls for Savannah, a college student.  Over a two-week summer period, while John is on leave, they court and fall for each other, hard.  But then 9/11 turns their idealic story upside down.

Although I recommend this story, I think you have to be in a certain mood to read any of  Sparks’ romance novels. I, myself, don’t always want to be reading about other people’s’ romantic entanglements simply because it’s often gut-wrenching and sad. I can only take so much ‘love gone wrong’, plot lines. However, though I haven’t seen the movie, it seems entertaining if you don’t actually want to read the novel. Have a look;

Rent it sometime, alone or with a friend or your significant other. Add a box of tissues and a bowl of popcorn and you’re good to go! Have a wonderful and safe weekend, folks!

This is the word for January 16th!


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