Royal Wood; Juliet

This video is from a song by a Canadian singer/songwriter named Royal Wood and the song is called ‘Juliet’.  The lyrics are simply beautiful and haunting. The melody stays with you if you like the song. I find myself humming this song often. I love how the video tells a story. It is bittersweet and heart-wrenching. Recommended to all romantics!

Lyrics are important to me in most songs as they also tell a story. Since words in prose, poems or lyrics speak to me, I always follow lyrics. Since I’m also a ‘visual’ person, I often need to see what is being sung; i.e. the lyrics. I’m not sure everyone listens to the lyrics of a particular song. Do you?

Let me know if you also follow or hear the lyrics to a song while listening? Or is the melody the only important part of a song for you?

This is the word for today, folks, have a good one!


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I specifically write about books that have been made into movies, but I may also blog about something else entirely. Stay tuned.
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