Musings on Loss

Over the years, I’ve had the misfortune to attend too many funerals of friends and family. I believe that the number of people who I have lost is truly abnormal.

This year alone, I’ve attended four funerals and we’re just about to start the 8th month of the year. I attended the latest, 2 days ago. Sometimes I just can’t wrap my head around this reality. So much loss and so much sorrow in the loss of important, significant and inspiring people that I once knew. I choose to see these losses in a positive light most of the time and try to tap into the fact that I was fortunate and blessed to have known these people at all but sometimes platitudes just don’t cut it. Sometimes I’m just down right confused and angry for having to say goodbye again, and again!

I believe that I am a spiritual being and I try to understand the significance of these events to come to terms with letting go. Reason doesn’t always jibe with what my heart feels although I know intuitively that loss is a part of life, burying friends and family is not something that one can do easily without feeling that loss deeply.

Maybe my karma is to learn to let go in this life. Maybe karma has nothing to do with it. Maybe loss is just is what it is and I simply need to let go and not try to understand what I have lost. Moving forward after grieving is a healthy part of the grieving process yet how long one needs to get there is anyone’s guess. There is no ‘time’  allotment on grief. When we lose a loved one, we grieve and eventually we move on. It could take weeks, months or even years to get through the grief. But eventually we need to move on and move forward in life. Because, my friends, life does indeed, go on.

This is the word for today.


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